SBL’s Capabilities in Geographic Information Systems

Among our many solutions and technology capabilities, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is one of the most valued. GIS are solutions designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present different types of geographical data. GIS involves spatial data but is more than just software. It requires spatial analysis, managing large datasets, and displaying information in a map/graphical form.

SBL has grown over the years to establish an expert team of geospatial engineers and acquired state-of-the-art infrastructure, starting in 2007. We now have 3 main data processing services in the geospatial domain namely photogrammetry data processing services, LiDAR data processing services and 2D mapping services. We have invested in people, methods, and systems along with geospatial software and tools.

Photogrammetry data processing services

SBL offers a range of geospatial services and these are valued in the industry for being cost-effective, quick and reliable. These geospatial solutions involve expert data collection and analysis to enhance the functionality of geographic data.

We offer strategic and result-oriented geospatial solutions backed by professionals well-versed in a range of software tools and techniques. Our state-of-the-art facilities enhance image-processing offerings that are tailor-made to meet challenging organizational requirements and support GIS projects to provide reliable measurements of physical objects.

SBL uses software such as Ortho master and Orthovista to remove lens distortion and relief displacement of aerial images, to provide outputs in the desired formats.

Application Areas

Our clients use these solutions to explore data from a geospatial perspective and this helps them enhance their revenues. These strategic and result-oriented geospatial solutions are supported by a team of professionals and experts in the relevant software tools and techniques. Some specific uses of GIS, Lidar, mapping and photogrammetry include Aerial & UAV Image Triangulation, Aerial and Satellite Ortho-Rectification, Image Enhancement, Geo-Referencing / Geo-Rectification, and Clutter Data Collation. SBL provides data sets for any region worldwide with the highest precision.

One of the prestigious projects undertaken by SBL in GIS, Lidar and photogrammetry is the Scotland heights project undertaken in the 2017-19 period in the UK.

Scotland Heights Project – 2017 to 2019

The United Kingdom has been most affected by the erratic weather in the last decade with unseasonal storms, flash flooding occurring across the country. In 2018-19 alone, the UK faced severe to moderate flooding more than 5 times. To counter this, the UK government decided to rework its flood forecasting and mitigation strategies across the country.

SBL, in association with a major UK geospatial data and solutions provider, has been providing highly accurate and detailed 3D digital elevation models incorporating terrain data. This was spread over Scotland and Wales in the UK over 2018 and 2019.

For this, we had to make a highly accurate, up-to-date elevation model of the terrain to understand, forecast floods and come up with the appropriate mitigation measures.

Flood modeling and designing / implementing flood mitigation measures involved 3D elevation models from Scotland and Wales. As part of the project, we created highly accurate and detailed 2 m Digital Surface Models (DSM) and 5 m Digital Terrain Models (DTM) for 26 areas in Scotland and Wales. The models covered an area of over 27,000 sq. km with complex and steep forested areas and rocky coastlines being a part of the landscape.

We adopted the latest techniques such as kriging (a method of interpolation) to gain accurate results and save time during the processing of these areas. We created elevation models that were used to improve and fine-tune flood mitigation measures in Scotland and Wales. The project helped save countless lives and prevents damage to property worth millions of pounds annually.

Solutions, Clients, and Industries

Projects like this have made SBL a highly valued, reliable and experienced solutions partner in the industry and its geospatial services address requirements of the mining, infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare sectors. SBL’s diverse geospatial offerings include Image Processing Service, Geo-terrain Based Services, Mapping Services, BIM Services and GIS Consulting Services. Our cost-effective image processing services help analyze satellite images and create maps and 3D models of terrains. These specific and creative geospatial offerings help firms explore data from a geospatial perspective.

SBL has been providing data processing services using photogrammetric techniques, to several industries and government bodies for various commercial, environmental and governance requirements. The major clients include environment and planning agencies, mining Industry, construction and infrastructure industries among others.

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