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Building Happiness - the SBL Success Story

SBL boasts of humble beginnings and stupendous growth. The company started its journey in August 2005 with a small but energetic 30 member team, in Kochi, Kerala. Fast-forward to the present day, and SBL is a leading business house, successfully established in 10 industry verticals with a presence in 4 countries and a workforce of over 1000 people.

Looking back to the initial years, the success was hard-earned and truly a deserving one. The credit goes to the dedicated and passionate team who stretched beyond the boundaries to make it happen, and the visionary leadership committed to delivering only the best side-stepping all the obstacles.

Today, we are the fastest-growing knowledge organization in India and moves forward with a mission to establish itself as the top knowledge organization globally. The solid trust of the customers and industry peers and the accreditations and certifications SBL has to its credit are the testimony for our professional excellence. We are ISO (9001:2008 & 27001:2013) certified and also have industry memberships with NASSCOM, CII, and D & B.

SBL has delivered innovative products, solutions, and happiness to clients

SBL works to make businesses successful by providing customized services and products that reduce operational costs and improves business efficiency. We believe in building happiness at work and translating this to our clients through efficient, reliable and cost-effective products.

SBL has constantly delivered value to the clients and these are the focus areas we serve and excel.

  • Geospatial services - Our Geospatial solutions assist the companies in mining, agriculture, health care, and infrastructure sector to collect reliable geo-spatial data cost-effectively. We offer photogrammetry services, GIS services, LiDAR data processing services, web GIS services, CAD services, and UAV data processing services. Many clients have gained immense benefits by utilizing the local intelligence through our services to boost revenue.

  • Business process management - SBL provides highly efficient and reliable claims processing, image editing, finance & accounting, document management, and research & analysis services to its clients.

  • IT services- We have ventured into diverse fields to serve our customers better. Our It services cover custom application development, mobility application development, embedded solutions, and testing services.

  • IT solutions - SBL develops solutions for the future. Keeping in mind the emerging trends our next-generation solutions aim to enhance the user experience, improve organizational efficiency and has become popular in India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Some of our successful products are DAMS, eLegislator, zingGo, SiPOS, Fleet Management, Asset management, and BPO Tools.

    Each of our solutions has helped the clients derive value and reengineer their crucial business processes. Our tangible solutions help them to remain relevant and competitive.

We stand for environment-friendly technology

Here, at SBL growth and success moves in tandem with environment-friendly technology. We have pioneered into digital parliament solution to change the way lawmaking bodies function. The digital parliament is a pro-citizen solution that induces transparency and accountability in the functioning of the parliaments. It also gives environment-friendly benefits by reducing paper usage in the parliament that can save trees, water, and oxygen.

By successfully implementing e-parliament in Himachal Pradesh, SBL helped in saving 51 million paper sheets in a year. This is equal to saving 7000 trees, 6.3 million liters water, and 346000 kg carbon emissions. The parliament also gained a direct savings of USD 2.2 million from the reduced paper, printing and other related overheads and also boosted the operational efficiency of the parliament by 40 %.

The Himachal Pradesh government has awarded SBL with the higher civil service award for the thoughtful and relevant solution for today’s law-making process. The Prime Minister also acknowledged e-Parliament solution by selecting it for nation-wide implementation on a mission mode.

We have also provided environment-friendly solutions to foreign clients. The Saudi could protect the mangroves along the Dammam Coast with the help of our GIS experts and successfully reduced coastal erosion.

SBL weaves values and happiness into its culture

SBL maintain a work culture that motivates the employees to give their best performance in a happy and productive environment. We stick to certain core ethics and values in its conduct and business and it is these foundational principles that have shaped SBL to what it is today.

  • Integrity - SBL ensures integrity in all its actions. We are transparent, ethical, and honest in the business. We adhere to the processes and standards strictly and keep our promises.

  • Trust - For us relationships can be built only on trust. We strive to foster trust in all our relationships and value the delivery commitments and promote an atmosphere of mutual respect.

  • Accountability - The process at SBL is cemented on accountability. We believe in taking responsibility for the actions and maintaining transparency in the outcome.

  • Teamwork - SBL values teamwork as the core of a successful process. We encourage open communication in the organization, a clear definition of the roles, and a vision of common goal among our team.

  • Innovation - The core of successful products are innovation and out-of-box thinking. SBL encourages creativity and freedom of sharing ideas among the employees to deliver truly unique solutions to the clients.

  • Leadership - The strong leadership at SBL inculcates integrity, self-initiation, and determination to succeed in the organization. It motivates the employees to overcome the obstacles in the path of excellence.

As responsible corporate citizen we care for society. For us, success is not just the huge numbers in the company’s annual statements, but also the positive impact we make on society. Since 2009, we have been running an old age home and also providing food for cancer patients. Educational and employment support for the socially backward students, honorary employment of the disabled, and female empowerment form a crucial part of our social agenda. We have tie-ups with several charity organizations and work towards the upliftment of the socially and economically underprivileged sections of the society. 70 % of our employees are women and SBL practices female empowerment by training them to be career-oriented.

SBL keeps its vision for a strong global presence and strives to grow a happy client list.