Over Promising – The challenges in ITeS

Impacts of the under delivery after overpromising are:

  • Lost opportunities for the business 
  • Lost advantage relative to competitors
  • Breaches of regulatory compliance
  • Poor stakeholder engagement and loss of trust
  • Reduced business process efficiency due to poor solution design
  • Employee distractions & Disappointments resulting higher attrition
  • Negative impact on the bottom line

           The effect of not keeping your business commitments is a loss of credibility with your customers. The long-term effect? Loss of business and a bad reputation. It’s simply not worth the time that you felt you have gained and not worth the cost to your business reputation.

             The best advice when something goes wrong is to communicate early and honestly with your client. When you make a mistake, take ownership and communicate honestly. In fact, if handled properly, you might end up in a better place than you imagined. The most important thing to remember is that the sooner you can reset expectations, the better.

            It is difficult to predict major impacts to a project such as key staff members leaving the company or the ‘special project’ that supersedes all other projects that the CEO of the company wants done yesterday. An important thing which need to be avoid is Over Committing While Knowing That a Deadline is Impossible. So for all these things, first we need to do proper analysis. Proper analysis will help for proper estimations. Try to give promises to client based on the estimations which will help for proper deliver of the products.

         But one thing we need to take care is human errors. All the estimations will be from human brain and there are chances of errors on that. Another thing is unexpected issues like source unavailability. So we can give promises a level below with some interesting offers to attract clients

       The best way to do a proper promise is to Pre-Plan your promises. If you are promising a certain result, but have found on a later stage that it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, make this clear to your clients – they’ll be grateful for your honesty. Make sure they understand what it takes to get the results and that it can sometimes take a little longer. Include all possible exceptions in your plan.  Backup plan is very important thing in preplanning. If we have a clear plan and proper backup plan, it will definitely vanish the word ‘under delivery’.