How to Become a Visionary Leader

To transform ordinary solutions into extraordinary ones and for innovation to thrive amidst uncertainty, leaders are present everywhere. In each industry, every workplace. 

A good leader is known to bring out the best results in the most holistic way possible. Visionary leaders are a step ahead in seeing opportunities beyond current situations. Their ideas transcend set boundaries. They look for long-term vision, set goals accordingly, and strategise a lot to achieve the big vision working with their team. 

But what exactly does it take to be a visionary leader?

Actions and Traits of a Visionary Leader 

Leadership is a trait to admire and aspire to be good at. However, it is no longer about being in senior-level management. 

The responsibilities of a leader are so complex that blur the lines between management and leadership. We are often left juggling between trying to get things done while planning the next big thing.

As a manager, if you wish to be an effective visionary leader then adopt these skills of a visionary leader:

Thinking the Unthinkable

As a leader, you might not possess the ability to pre-recognise everything or forecast but as a good leader, you should be able to think about all the possibilities, good and bad, and prepare for them. Evaluate the best-case, and worst-case scenarios to prepare an action plan for each. The unthinkable is in finding the worst-case scenario and strategising ways to avoid it as and when recognised. 

Prioritising the Best for the Organisation

Employees might forget the best interest of their company but visionary leaders can never! They are well-versed with the future they want to create. Thus, the entire planning is done envisioning the organisation’s benefit. Even during brainstorming sessions and conferences, personal gains and losses take the best seat. 

The idea is simple – to not take everything too personally. Continue to lead with authenticity and integrity even if desired results are not achieved. An attachment to the highs and lows of the workplace makes the decision-making process cloudy. At SBL Corp, we’ve faced ample challenges, but each hurdle only fueled our determination to succeed.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Leaders know how hard the path to success is! It’s rarely smooth sailing. 

As a visionary leader, focus on being resilient in the face of challenges. When you bounce back from setbacks, employees are fueled with motivation and determination to succeed. No matter how hard the challenges become, they bounce back stronger than ever!

Who Knows Everything? 

There is always something in making to humble bring us down. Thoughtful leadership is not about having answers to every business problem, but the will and determination to find answers from the one who has them. Sometimes a fresh perspective answers most complex problems the best.

Encourage your teams to bring their best foot forward with ideas and suggestions. 

Having the Right Thinking

The most important aspect of being a visionary is to think alike a visionary. You should be able to see the bigger picture in all circumstances and challenges. Even if you can’t, the least you should do is be open to the thoughts of others. 

Make the best of every opportunity with the support of your team members. No leader is self-sufficient, a team is always needed. 

Being Curious

Curiosity is an underrated trait. Many successful businesses wouldn’t exist today if someone wasn’t curious enough to know new things or try new things. 

Curiosity drives innovation and develops groundbreaking solutions. As a visionary leader, actively seek new information and perspectives on trending technologies. Leveraging the best technologies will help organisations stay ahead of the curve. Those who don’t try will never know.

Creating a Safe Work Culture

Our work culture has a lot to do with creative solutions and new ideas. At SBL Corp, we encourage a culture of innovation where every team member is empowered to think outside the box and explore untamed strategies. 

If your team members don’t feel encouraged and safe to bring forth innovative ideas, encourage transparent communication to facilitate open dialogues.

When the work culture is safe, new opportunities are not feared. Employees should understand the importance of embracing new challenges and seizing opportunities for the vision to thrive.


It takes more than just effort, courage, commitment, and patience to be a visionary leader. Their actions might be misunderstood but are always fueled by conviction to achieve the biggest visions! The desire to achieve results and bring in changes makes their journey a lot easier! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is a visionary leader?

A visionary leader sees beyond the present state of the organisation to achieve an unthinkable vision. It’s in them to inspire others, address unforeseen roadblocks and lead with conviction. In other words, visionary leaders are responsible to drive an organisation towards a better tomorrow.

2. How can I inspire my team to embrace a visionary mindset?

Inspiring a team starts with being transparent with them and sharing your long-term vision for the organisation’s future.

When you communicate your vision in a way that they understand how huge their contributions can be, people bring forward their best selves.

3. What are some common pitfalls to avoid as a visionary leader?

One common pitfall to avoid as a visionary leader is getting too occupied in day-to-day operations that you lose track of the end goal. It’s essential to bring a balance between short-term goals and long-term vision so as to stay resilient in the face of challenges.