Power of Workplace diversity

Imagine the pool of diverse life experiences you will have access to when individuals of different socio-economic backgrounds will work together in your organisation!

In workplaces, the coexistence of individuals belonging to different genders, age groups, skill sets and backgrounds is vital for the growth

When we bring people with varying characteristics, skills, and traits under one roof, we practise what we call as Diversity with inclusion. 

It is not just about the recognition and celebration of individuals with cultural differences. It is also about their active inclusion in the organisation with equal opportunities.  
In current times, the benefits of workplace diversity go beyond ensuring a strong company culture. It also has a very positive impact in driving innovation and growth for the organisation.

Importance of Workplace Diversity

Businesses that recognise the importance of workplace diversity early on and implement diversity strategies with inclusivity perform better.

Here’s why you should also have an inclusive workplace:

Importance of Workplace Diversity
  1. Access to more talent

When you embrace workplace diversity, you focus on hiring a pool of employees with different skill sets, backgrounds and experiences. A diverse workforce drives innovation and better ideas within the organisation. 

  1. Positive working environment

A transparent and ethical workplace gives equal opportunity for employees of all ages and regions to grow and thrive as they step up their career ladders. This fosters positivity in the working environment and individuals start taking initiatives willingly for the betterment of the organisation.

  1. Better understanding of customers and their needs 

With a diverse workforce, you attract an equally diverse customer base. Simply, because this pool of diverse individuals will have a broad range of understanding of what the customer needs and can brainstorm the actual pain points of the target audience. 

Together, they bring better value addition to your target customers. There’s no doubt that inclusivity and diversity in a workplace provide the company with a competitive edge.  

  1. Promotes innovation with better productivity 

When a diverse group of individuals collaborate and brainstorm, they infuse dynamic perspectives and bring better insights to the table.  This promotes innovative solutions that are not only creative but also effective and inclusive. 

  1. Higher business profits 

There is a positive correlation between workplace diversity and higher profits as shown by the 2017 McKinsey report called ‘Delivering through Diversity.’ The study showed that companies with ethnic and gender diversity in the workplace are 21% more likely to drive above-average profits. To reap the full advantage of diversity, you don’t just need a diverse workforce but also an inclusive and supportive environment.  


At SBL Knowledge Services Ltd, we are continually focusing on workplace diversity and inclusion in order to create a working environment that is truly diverse, where individuals are respected and accountable for the collective growth of individuals and the organisation.

Focus on creating a genuinely diverse and welcoming workplace for your employees, offering equal opportunities for their personal and professional growth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is not an advantage of managing diversity in the workplace?

The main disadvantage of introducing diversity initiatives in the workplace is that these initiatives result in conflicts within the workplace as some people perceive diversity efforts as favouring one particular group over others.

Why do diverse teams give rise to conflicts?

When teams are diverse, conflicts are bound to happen. It is important to understand that all these individuals have varying experiences, skill sets and experiences. While diversity is a strength, it can also give rise to conflicts. By fostering effective communication and promoting a culture of inclusivity where all team members are valued, it is easy to mitigate conflicts within diverse teams.

Why is it important to have a professional code of ethics in the workplace?

It is important to have a professional code of ethics in the workplace as it sets clear standards for an employee’s conduct and outlines the organisation’s expectations of ethical behaviour from employees.

How to promote workplace diversity and inclusion as an employee?

It is not just the duty of management to promote workplace diversity and inclusion. Employees are equally responsible for adopting a culture of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Offer all your support to your diverse colleagues. It doesn’t take a lot to be an empathetic co-worker. 

Also, be very conscious of the words you use. Focus on being inclusive even with your language in order to respect a person’s preferred pronouns.